Everyone wants a kitchen straight from a magazine. But magazine kitchens can sometimes seem to be missing something: people who actually live in them. Once you have your beautiful, magazine worthy kitchen, remember to personalize your kitchen to make the space yours. Take a look at these beautiful kitchens that feel anything but empty.

Warm and Inviting

In the kitchen pictured below, white painted cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and an accent color on the island establish an a polished updated style. Open shelving on the island provides useful and decorative storage. Far from boring, sterile, or crowded, this beautifully decorated space says much about the owner.

Signature Austin Shaker cabinets in Cloud White and Studio Gray

Transitional with a Twist

This kitchen uses CliqStudios Dayton style doors in the painted finish Urban Stone. It’s painted doors and bar handles make the space feel modern, but the natural hardwood floors don’t allow it to feel stark. Instead, it feels warm and inviting, with plants and a teapot set out.

California Cozy

This California kitchen uses a blue island to create a furniture like feel. Using two-toned cabinetry helps to create visual appeal, and separates the island from the rest of the kitchen as an area that can double as seating. The greenery scattered through the two rooms and the cool blue-grey walls add more color without being too much.

Minimalist and Playful

In this kitchen, CliqStudios style 31 doors in the finish Harbor paired with pink walls, wooden counters, and mixed pendant lighting creates an entirely unique room. The many varying colors, textures, patterns, and art pieces feel stylized and personal.  Different bowls and baskets throughout the kitchen hold different types of plants, all tying into the greenery outside the massive window over the sink.

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to personalize and soften your kitchen? Try the shelves at Goodwill or your local flea market. For a few dollars you can completely change the nature of the space.

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