During the course of a major remodel, the kitchen is often out of use for nearly two months. Your family will still need to eat. Restaurants will quickly grow old (and expensive), so you will want to plan an area to create quick meals. If your home doesn’t have a second, smaller kitchen, you will want to create a temporary kitchen to use during the remodel.

Temporary kitchens may not be very glamorous, but will suffice for a few months while the new kitchen is being built.

There are seven steps to creating a temporary kitchen:

Find a location in the home with a sink and faucet. A low-traffic bathroom or utility room generally works.Designate the countertop as a food preparation area. A small card table can also be moved into the area for additional work space.Move your microwave into this location as well. You’ll want it out of the real kitchen, and close to where the food is.If you can, move your refrigerator near the temporary kitchen area too. If your full-size refrigerator won’t fit, consider buying or borrowing one that will. An under-counter, college dorm room fridge to store the necessities is an easy fix.Don’t pack away all of your small appliances. Crock pots, hot plates, toasters, etc. are great to keep around for a variety of meals.Store silverware, dishes, kitchen utensils, and napkins nearby in large storage containers. If they are breakable, make sure to keep them far from ledges and out of reach from pets and small childrenKeep cleaning products, paper towels, and oven mitts readily available.

Having a space to eat and prepare food while undergoing a kitchen renovation can make a huge difference. While you might not want to host a dinner party in a temporary kitchen, it gets the job done for the few weeks you’ll be using it.

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