What is the Difference Between Paint, Stain and Opaque Stain?

Are you are someone who wants to make their home a reflection of yourself, showing your creativity and unique taste? You might want to consider our new Coastal Wood Stain Collection. Opaque stains are usually considered a good third option to the old question of whether to paint or stain your cabinets? While paint brings a smooth, flawless finish and offers endless creativity in colors. Stains show off the character of  wood surfaces and is more durable than paint.. It is also much easier to keep stained cabinets looking good. Paint will chip over its lifetime and takes skill and experience to repair. Stain allows the woods’ character to show through and allows easy touch up repairs .The opaque stain option has been used in whites in the past. We now have an option that let’s you have the exciting colors combined with durability and a unique surface look.

The Costal Opaque Stain Collection

Do you find the coast an inspiration ? The Coastal Collection colors reflect the sand and sea. They come in different depths and transparency levels

Sheer Colors are color washed semi-transparent stains. Slight visibility to the wood character and tone are common. This is more noticeable in the lighter colors

Sheer Colors with Dry Brush are color washed semi-transparent stain with a dry brush glaze accent. Slight visibility to the wood character and tone are common, and are especially noticeable on lighter tones.

Opaque Stains Share Stains Best Qualities

Opaque stain strikes a balance between color and texture. Unlike paint, opaque stain doesn’t steal the spotlight from your wood’s natural character. Since it’s thinner than paint, it seeps into the surface, which can enhance the natural beauty of your wood. You’ll be able to admire the wood’s distinctive features.

If you would like to see these colors in your home, order a few samples and see the difference. If you would like assistance in getting to know what finish options would work the best for your project, please contact our design team.


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