cabinet refinishingCabinet fronting is one of the most commonly used painting methods for kitchen cabinets. A cabinet refacing is a tiny miniature painting, usually no more significant than two feet by two feet but more often more miniature. The term is also used for small paintings that show large-scale landscapes or full-length portraits on a comparatively small scale, instead of a human face or some other object usually painted on life-size. Traditionally, carpenters have provided cabinet refacing, who would paint the cabinet frames and leave the doors and drawer fronts blank or covered with felt.

Nowadays, however, there are cabinet refinishing techniques that homeowners can perform themselves without paying someone to do it for them. One way is to prepare the surfaces of the cabinets for refinishing by sanding off rough spots. This gives the characters a flat surface and helps them accept the new paint well. Some homeowners also try using high-quality unfinished wood paint on freshly sanded surfaces of the cabinets themselves.

Homeowners also can use cabinet refacing in order to get a good condition and new look for damaged, chipped, or cracked cabinet doors and drawers. In fact, this is one of the most popular techniques today. A badly damaged cabinet door or drawer can be made to look like new again, simply by polishing or sanding it down. There are several advantages to cabinet refinishing, including the ability to make small kitchens look larger and the ability to get a badly stained or cracked cabinet door or drawer back in good condition.

Many people also choose to reface their cabinetry because they want to upgrade their homes to something nicer, such as a modern-designed home or an antique-styled home. However, older homes may also benefit from a refinishing job, as they can look very dated if they are in fairly decent shape. In fact, some older cabinetry that looks like it needs a face lift might actually need refinishing. Cabinets that need refacing may also have deteriorated condition. Even if the damage is not too bad, homeowners might want to consider a complete remodel of their cabinets and drawers, which are where cabinet refinishing can really pay off.

For those who want a truly unique look, there is cabinet refinishing known as thermofoil painting. Thermofoil paint is created with a special sprayer that coats the wooden surfaces in a smooth, even layer. Refinishing with this method is quite slow, as it only takes several hours to complete a single coat, allowing for more time to dry between coats. The result is doors and drawers that look completely different than they did when they were newly installed.

Another option for DIY project cabinets is sanding and polishing. This method is slower than thermofoil, taking about eight to twelve hours to complete. Because this method uses coarse sandpaper, it is also more expensive than the sprayer method. However, homeowners who are working with limited funds can use sanding and polishing to create a beautiful effect in just one day. Not only does this save them money on professional labor, but it saves them time because the project can be completed on schedule.

Many homeowners are concerned that hiring professionals to do DIY cabinet refacing may be too expensive. However, there are several ways to reduce the costs of this project. First, if homeowners already have in-house cabinet refinishing kits they can use them for the job. If homeowners already own power tools and there are no nails or screws to purchase, they can purchase a woodworking plan with directions on how to do the job without any outside help.

If homeowners do not have existing cabinet doors they can purchase replacement doors at most home improvement centers. They can also purchase doors at an online retailer, if they do not care for or have existing doors. Refinishing is a very easy project and can be completed quickly. Once the process is complete, homeowners will have a beautiful new finish that adds value to their home while adding beauty and elegance.